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Dashboard - Tutorial | Healcon Practice Software For Doctors


 This article covers following topics related to dashboard module : 

How to reach Dashboard module ?

What all can you do from Dashboard module ? 

How users with different roles can access Dashboard interface ?


How to reach Dashboard module ? 

There are following ways to reach the 'Dashboard' module of the software :

Scenario -1 : Log into healcon practice software by visiting following link -



Once you login , by default you will land on the "Dashboard" module of the software . 

 Scenario -2 : Incase you are in any other section of the healcon website then you can reach 'Dashboard' of the healcon practice management software by clicking on the "My Practice" button present on top right of the screen as highlighted in red box in the screenshot below :


Scenario - 3 : Incase you are logged-in and you have visited some other section within the software then you can always come back to 'Dashboard' module by clicking on the left side menu as shown in the screenshot below : 





What all can you do from Dashboard module? 




How users with different roles can access Dashboard interface ?

Administrators of the clinic can see data of all the doctors of the clinic while visiting doctor / consultant can only see his own records in this interface . To know more privileges and access of different roles , please visit following link - User Roles & Privileges


Healcon Practice tutorial is divided into following sections and in this article we will talk about first landing screen of the software once you log into 'Healcon Practice' software ie "Dashboard"  :


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