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Software Upgrade - March,2021



Dear Users ,

We are happy to inform you that we have recently upgraded our software with lot of new features based on feedback of our doctor community . 
Here is a list of top 10 new enhancements which have been rolled out globally in last few weeks and are available to our subscribed users now :

1. Android mobile app new version : 

Now you can also 'add new patient' and 'add appointment' from the android app, please do upgrade your android app (along with your staff) if not done already . Here is the link to android app store : 


(use above url or simply search 'Healcon Practice' on Google Play ie android app store ) 


2. All new iOS/iPad app : 

Good news for our apple users , we have recently rolled out our new iOS /iPad app 'Healcon Practice'  and is available on apple app store here : 


Our iOS/ iPad app supports following features : 
  • View 'Today/Past' Appointment
  • View 'Upcoming' Appointments
  • Add New Appointment for an existing patient
  • Search/Call Patients
  • View Patient EMR
  • Add New Patient
  • View Bills
  • Switch between clinics (incase of multi clinic setup )
3. Lab Management System  
We have completed roll out of 'Lab Management System' . Now you can manage your advised lab test and report update,  manage an in-house lab or manage external lab seamlessly with our all new 'Lab Management System' . To know more please check out following blogs : 

4.  Other Enhancements  :  There are few more enhancements which we would like you to know and you might find it useful are : 

  • Treatment catalogue settings now have option to hide treatment on the clinic page website
  • Print and Download "appointment schedule" options are now available in Calendar. Know more
  • All Clinic Reports (printable and downloadable)
  • Print Settings upgrade (now you can select patient fields to be printed)
  • Appointment booking from your clinic page on healcon.com does not require patient to login while booking an appointment.
  • Enhancements for Veterinary specialisation.
  • Ordering and customisation of Clinical note fields has been re-introduced in 'Practice Settings --> Clinical Notes Settings' .
  • Option to add 'signature Image' in prescription has been introduced in 'Practice Settings --> Prescription Settings'
  • 'Empty prescription pad' can now be printed doctor-wise from casesheet options of any patient . Know more
We highly recommend you to give these a try and hope that you will find these enhancements useful in managing your clinic and delighting your patients .
There are lot of speciality specific enhancements cooking at Healcon as we write this update and we will keep you posted once they get rolled out to our global audience .
- Regards
Team Healcon
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